Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Concept Art

Perhaps Spring isn't the best time to introduce this project, but with all this gloomy weather, we're going to do it anyway. It's an "I miss you" card! This quick sketch gives you a rough idea with where we're going on this. It's going to be an overhead view of a bed, with only 1 side having tousled covers. The implication is that you're tired of sleeping alone, and that you miss someone. The plan is to make this as an art print/postcard. 

So, check back soon if you're interested in letting someone know you miss them. 

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Happy Spring, everyone. In honor of the seasons changing, we're doing some changes in the studio. Cleaning, re-vamping, etc. Once we're re-organized, we'll post pictures. In the 
meantime, here's a quick sketch of an upcoming t-shirt we're making. 

"It's Only Hair" is inspired by an upcoming haircut for Mean Millie's Angela. She's cutting it all off, and as a reminder, it's only hair. So the t-shirt will celebrate hair by screen printing long flowing locks on the front of a white tee. The shirt will eventually be available in white with black, red, yellow, or brown inks. 

Stay tuned for results.....

photo featuring Angela by IshootRockstars
sketch by Angela