Friday, July 10, 2009

Get Your Craft On

This past Thursday, the very talented Lauren hosted a craft night for some fellow creatives. When I say "craft night," I mean CRAFT night. We made Shrinky Dinks and got crazy with Perler Beads. Everyone brought a snack, and Amy along with J-No provided us with delicious cocktails. Also in attendance was Andrea of Owly, Denise of Nisee Made and her own illustrations, Jennifer (J-No) of nojenno's, and Daphne of Digitas. Above are a few pics from the night. Click Here to view the album on flickr

I could not get over how fantastic Lauren's place was. The space itself was multi-level with a ladder up to her own private roof deck. Mid Century furniture was everywhere you looked, and natural light flooded this top floor space. Every corner had some sort of incredible detail, whether it was a plant or a small horse figurine. To sum it up, the space was divine. 

After all the Shrinky Dinks had been baked, and all the Perler beads pressed, we left with a sense of accomplishment. A great night of snacks, creative acquaintances, and delightful crafts had been achieved. 

Until next time, Ladies.