Friday, May 15, 2009

Dinner & Drawing

Last night a few lovely friends came over for an evening of dinner and drawing. It was a room full of talented people who can draw themselves out of any situation (present company excluded). We kicked the evening off with some pasta and delicious salads, and moved the party to our sketchbooks. 

I was excited for Aaron Albarran of Toxik to meet my friend Tim Bubel (for this link, check out the painted shoes, that's his work) who is an artist of similar style. If you ever need zombies, monsters, or any of the like, hit them up. Not only talented, but hilarious and kind as well.

Next was the introduction of Amber Luecht and Ross Murray. Again, 2 artists with similar styles. I personally think they should do a collaborative animation...........

Finally, it came down to Greg and I. I think we spent most of the night trying to out-shade the other. I struggled with an illustration of hair, and Greg worked on creature illustrations. 

All in all, the night was a success. Except for the part where I forgot to take pics of everyone's finished work. Instead, enjoy pics of everyone hard at work, except Tim who was most likely making us all laugh.


  1. looks like allot of fun, I wish I could join you! ...but the drawing part I wouldn't do so well so I would have to bring another creative project.

  2. What an awesome idea, fostering collaboration f'sure. Dig it dig it, Mean Millieeez.

  3. This sounds SO fun!! What a great way to be together! Perfect for an introvert like me!