Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nothing But Love For Wolff's Flea Market

Summer is in full swing here in Chicago, and each weekend is filled with street festivals, live outdoor music and trips to the beach. This past weekend was no exception. Saturday night was spent inside the MeanMillies studio finishing up a few projects. With the windows open, a warm summer breeze ushered in the sounds from my neighbors as they held an outdoor party featuring a live backyard Jazz Band.

On Sunday I had the pleasure to finally check out Wolff’s Flea Market. If you are in Chicago or the Chicago land area, chances are, you’ve driven past this beast of a market held at All State Arena. The objective was to find pieces capable of being repurposed for jewelry and in general to become overall inspired. With vendors who were open to bargain, and lots of things to look at, the day was a success.

Check out the pictures above for 3 of my favorite objects from the day that didn’t make it home with me. A fun pair of earrings, a pair of vintage aviator goggles and a really great working record player (only $10!). For more great Wolff’s Flea Market finds check my Flickr.


  1. Hi Mean Millie! Love your repurposing ideas! That's what we're all about! Thanks for visiting us! Sharon

  2. Hi Sharon! Glad you found my site. You can bet I will be back to visit the market, so many good things to see and be inspired by. Let me know if you would like, or need any of my images for your Facebook page.

  3. Your photos are always welcome! Feel free to post & describe your finds! We love to see what people are buying or even just observing at the market. You can post on our group page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=10270991438&ref=ts