Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Art Show After-Math

This past Friday Mean Millies had the opportunity to show some work at a small gallery located inside Willow, here in Chicago. Amy Rowan of Art School Girl curated the event. Amy has curated shows previously, and did a fantastic job running the show alongside Willow owner Amy Doehla.

A few of the artists showing work that I'm familiar with are the talented Antonio Garcia, Kyle LaMere, and Amy Rowan. The show consisted of illustrations, prints, photographs, laser-cut Valentine themed pieces, and oh so much more. As part of the show each contributing artist was asked to choose either a laser-cut heart or bird and do with it what we wanted. Each piece was then grouped together to make a 1 time installation that interested parties could buy right off the wall. Super neat.

Mean Millies doesn't often get the chance to participate in showings like this, and we were more than tickled to be involved. MM received word 20 minutes before the show was to "open" that a mixed media piece we submitted had sold. Excitement followed by disbelief is what we felt after getting word of the sale. Yoo-hoo woo-hoo!

Perhaps the most important part of the show, however, wasn't the artists or buyers there, but the foundation that part of the proceeds were donated to. A portion of every piece sold went to Chicago Canine Rescue. Art Lovers and Dog Lovers alike convened for a wonderful evening of good conversation, good company, and lovely art.

Thank-you to all who came out and supported such a good cause.

Photo Credit: Kyle LaMere

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