Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello, Yellow

Sitting here in the Mean Millies studio contemplating what topic to next address on the blog, we start to notice a lot of yellow. Literally, the color yellow is all over the studio. Tea is steaming in a yellow mug, vintage yellow fabric is perched on the desk, and 2 little, yellow glass vases serve as home to our moss pod flowers.

No lies, we're startled. When the heck did we become yellow obsessed, and how come we're the last to find out about it? Deep purples have always reigned supreme around here. We smell sabotage.

So, being naturally sleuthy, we head over to Colourlovers to check out current color trends. Dead end. Yellow is no more prevalent than any of the other colors. "Super Lemon" has been trended for fashion in Spring of '09, but so have a dozen other colors. We next try our luck with color psychology. Same stuff we've always known, except yellow apparently speeds up your metabolism. Who knew?!

Mean Millies knows when to accept defeat, and we're throwing in the towel. This yellow mystery will continue to be just that: a mystery. Honestly though, I don't think anyone minds. We're enjoying the color, and just hope that we'll be more aware the next time a new hue drops by.

Before you go, check out a few pics of the yellow we see everyday here at Mean Millies. Lemon Drop the Sofa, Angela's vintage yellow Schwinn Sport (with ram handlebars, yee haw!), and a thrifted yellow vase with our signature moss pod flowers.


1 comment:

  1. hmmmm....I think the yellow might have come because of Lemon Drop. She is what started the love of yellow, no?

    well that is my opinion. :)