Monday, February 16, 2009

Hello, My Name Is...

Welcome to all things Mean Millie! This little blog is dedicated to the work created and produced by the Mean Millies studio, day-to-day inspirations, and projects' MM creator Angela is involved in.

Mean Millies is a handmade brand that takes into consideration both vintage and modern aesthetic while acknowledging how product & design impact the environment. We don't specialize in a certain product, but rather we're a lifestyle brand. You'll find things for all areas of your home and personality, and we thrive on the process of creating great work.

So why is Mean Millies blogging? Simple. We want to interact with you, fellow creatives who have something to say, or feedback to give. One of the main things we've learned here in the Millie studio is collaboration and communication is key. And, who knows, through all this blogging and communication, we all might meet some new friends along the way.

Again, welcome to the Mean Millies blog. We hope to hear from you soon, and often.


Photo Credit: Kyle LaMere 


  1. Yum! The shot of your work space is awesome.

  2. Looking good MM, already can't wait for post #2.

  3. Yippeee!!! I love all your pics, great staging too :)!
    I am so excited to be able to follow all the happenings in the studio and also support you on the way.

  4. Hurray, Angie! This is very exciting..and who starts a blog and already has 9 followers! :)